Sustainability with class is what the Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag denim black promises. The stylish diaper bag is made of recycled PET bottles.

Sustainability with class is what the Green Label Neckline Bag promises. Made of recycled PET bottles in addition to PU and polyester, this stylish diaper bag also conserves natural resources - even after your nursing days are done.

In a trendy denim-look, the accessory is neatly arranged inside with plenty of room for personal items as well as baby implements.

The bag also comes with many accessories, including a water-repellent changing pad, insulated removable bottle holder, accessories pouch, removable baby food jar holder, stroller attachment and an additional, height-adjustable shoulder strap. There is a convenient place for your cellphone in the outer pocket, keys can be attached directly to the key chain, and baby wipes go in the special compartment provided for them in the interior of the bag. Like all diaper bags, the blue denim Neckline Bag has a water-repellent wet compartment. There is also an insulated zippered compartment on the outside to keep drinks cool or warm.

A perfect allrounder strolling through town - even after you are done with diapers.

LASSIG develops innovative, cheerful, eco friendly and captivating products for children and parents. Our award-winning diaper bags are designed with recycled materials, produced sustainable and are as colorful and diverse as life itself. We are inspired by streets and catwalks worldwide.

Working as a team, we design bags, textiles and other beautiful and functional things for people who want to emphasize their zest for life and their individuality by choosing high-quality, casual products.

And Lassig supports the responsible task of parents with functional products that not only fulfill their specific needs in everyday life – but also those of a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, LASSIG only manufacture our bags from uncritical materials which are tested for harmful substances. We make way for the joy of living, activity and a conscious sustainable use of resources offered to us by nature.

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Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag, denim black

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