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Breaking News- The Top Seven Reasons to Shop CapeKids


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What's New at CapeKids

Breaking News- The Top Seven Reasons to Shop CapeKids

TOP 7 BEST Reasons to Shop CapeKids

7. Ample Free Parking- No struggling to find a space to park in a congested strip mall or on a busy main street here.  No need to fight for a close space, feed a meter and worry about your vehicle.  Our lots are new, spacious, well-lit and security-patrolled for extra peace of mind.

6. We're Accessible! Welcome to NO stairs, wide sidewalks, smooth curb cuts and wheelchair/scooter/stroller friendly aisles!  It's a breeze to navigate at CapeKids.

How are you today?

I had to visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles this week.  I felt immediately anxious walking through the door into a deep line of people, all shapes and sizes,  with nothing in common but a burning desire to be someplace else.  We waited awkwardly on uncomfortable benches, most of us staring at smartphones to avoid eye contact.  

I felt someone looking at me, and peered up from my mobile CapeKids Facebook page.  An elderly woman on the bench facing mine was smiling kindly at me, as if she read the stress that I'm sure was apparent on my face.

Interest in Pinterest

I'm just back from Geek Girl Tech Con in Plymouth, MA.  I figure I know enough about soft clothes, now it's time to learn how to use software (and hardware) to share the love.  So now, CapeKids has our own Pinterest page.  Check it out now and come back often for news and new finds:

Think warm thoughts as spring fights to reclaim its place on Cape Cod,


Hand Made for the Holidays

Hand Made Caps 
by Cape Seamstress
Carol Robinson
I love Carol's meticulous attention to detail on these sweet caps. Even babies that don't care for hats will wear these...that's how soft they are. I also love how they roll to expand as baby grows, so you get more wear. At only $28 this is my vote for the best priced handmade item on Cape Cod this season. 
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from all of us at CapeKids,
Diane, Marjie, Judy
& Lorri

Tending the Magic

My husband's inner child is delighted with the pumpkins he carved.  So are the neighborhood kids who are admiring the funny faces glowing on our lawn. Tonight the path to our door was filled with happy families, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the wonder of a magical evening.  In the back yard, a bright moon is cascading her light across the bay.  I am standing between the front door and the moon, marveling at the magic of the human spirit that glows bright enough to let us laugh at fear, and embrace the edge of winter with fairies, ninjas and ghosts by our side.

The Dancing Lobster

Inspiration comes at unexpected times.  This summer, I discovered a tiny baby lobster at the water's edge. In all my Cape Cod years, I've never seen one. It was the size of my little finger; delicate and translucent. A gentle lapping wave was enough to send it swaying. I marveled at the odds against its survival.  I thought about the many waves that wash over us as we navigate from helpless babies to mature adults. The Dancing Lobster is a symbol of the powerful life spirit that propels us forward, urging us into the waves, creating a tough shell for when we need protection, and the ability to feel joy at the wonder of our existence. 

Classic Favorites at CapeKids

Some things never change. 
Those are my favorite things.  Like the way kids enjoy the wrapping paper and box more than the present inside, or how a kitchen pot can be a boat, a drum, or a fun place to wear your lobster pjs!
This season, CapeKids brings your classics back in fresh new styles.
Seersucker, madras, and cottons so soft they feel like part of you.
Cape Cod and lobsters.  Now there's two of my favorite things.  And yours too, judging from the phenomenal popularity of our Lobster Print pjs.  We've just brought a whole new catch into the store.  Come visit soon, and make CapeKids one of your favorite things.

The Seamstress Sirens of Cape Cod

I am so excited about our newest arrival at CapeKids- the most darling, exquisite hand-made dresses I have ever found... and they're made by a magical seamstress right here on Cape Cod.  Tired of looking for something truly unique, and made "like they used to be"?
These delightful little masterpiece dresses feature intricate smocking, matching bloomers, and artful, sophisticated patterns that are reminiscent of another era.
I wore dresses like this to Sunday School, with little white gloves, a matching hat, lace anklet socks and buckle shoes.

For Grown up CapeKids~Diane Hanna Story Pictures

Before you visit Diane Hanna'swebsite, do two things:
          1. Make a nice cup of tea.
2. Prepare to be moved. 
The first time I saw the delightfully
unique Diane Hanna, she was striding
along a windswept strip of coastal road, deep in conversation with a gentleman wearing a beret.  Diane herself was wrapped in a dark wool coat with swirls of skirt billowing around striped stockings that disappeared into funky clunky sensible black shoes.

We Gather Together

Summer has mellowed into Fall, and here on Cape Cod, we are enjoying an unusually warm Autumn. Still, the shorter days draw us closer to home and hearth. 'Tis the season for home cooked comfort foods like chicken soup, fall-harvested vegetable casseroles, a good book, and your softest most comfy clothes. Come see the new CapeKids' merchandise soon- I just put out new infant fleecy pants, hand-made stroller/crib blankets and lounger outfits, knit caps and accessories all made right here on Cape Cod.