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The Good Guys
This time, our customer does the talking
Welcome, Summer.
Breaking News- The Top Seven Reasons to Shop CapeKids


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Remember the old saying about getting your ducks in a row? The holiday season can make this feel overwhelming. So, from all of us at CapeKids...breathe. We wish you peaceful, warm gatherings with dear family & friends. We'll be here when you're ready to do a little shopping in a non-frenzied, friendly atmosphere with lots of cute new gifts to brighten the season.

The Good Guys

A five year old boy visited my clinic to change his clothing after recess.  It had rained the night before, and he was first in line to go down the slide.   He industriously took to the task of removing his shoes and independently stripping off his wet trousers in my bathroom.  

After a moment, he stuck his tiny foot out the door.  Toes wiggling, he called, "Look, Mrs. Devlin! I have Batman socks."  After an appropriate amount of admiring, I asked, "Who's your favorite Superhero?

This time, our customer does the talking

"Thanks so much for having such an amazing store for us to visit and buy from when we visit Cape Cod!!"
                                                       -Kristin, Nik and Jaxson Behr

It means so much to hear this kind of affirmation.
Thanks, Kristin and Nik.  Jaxson, thank you for letting CapeKids be a part of your happy childhood!

Welcome, Summer.

Is there a time more magical?   Summer brings the smell of warm pavement mixed with rain.  The dazzling spectacle of the Milky Way galaxy.  The twinkling of fireflies over moonlit fields.  The song of crickets.  The shock of a belly flop. The taste of salt water.  The oddly satisfying sting of a sunburn.  The sleep made deep by a day at the shore.  The sound of laughter drifting through a screen door.  The smell of citronella candles.  Flags appearing on main streets.  The luff of a sail.  The tug of a fish.  The breath, slowing.  The days lengthening.  The good people of Cape Cod on porches, in swings, and on lounge chairs in the evenings.  The smell of a cookout  on the breeze.  The riot of flowers on the village green and sleepy backyard gardens. This festival of life, ours, so briefly and bright.

Breaking News- The Top Seven Reasons to Shop CapeKids

TOP 7 BEST Reasons to Shop CapeKids

7. Ample Free Parking- No struggling to find a space to park in a congested strip mall or on a busy main street here.  No need to fight for a close space, feed a meter and worry about your vehicle.  Our lots are new, spacious, well-lit and security-patrolled for extra peace of mind.

6. We're Accessible! Welcome to NO stairs, wide sidewalks, smooth curb cuts and wheelchair/scooter/stroller friendly aisles!  It's a breeze to navigate at CapeKids.

How are you today?

I had to visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles this week.  I felt immediately anxious walking through the door into a deep line of people, all shapes and sizes,  with nothing in common but a burning desire to be someplace else.  We waited awkwardly on uncomfortable benches, most of us staring at smartphones to avoid eye contact.  

I felt someone looking at me, and peered up from my mobile CapeKids Facebook page.  An elderly woman on the bench facing mine was smiling kindly at me, as if she read the stress that I'm sure was apparent on my face.

Interest in Pinterest

I'm just back from Geek Girl Tech Con in Plymouth, MA.  I figure I know enough about soft clothes, now it's time to learn how to use software (and hardware) to share the love.  So now, CapeKids has our own Pinterest page.  Check it out now and come back often for news and new finds:

Think warm thoughts as spring fights to reclaim its place on Cape Cod,



Today, my baby turned 25.   As I marveled at that,  I thought about the birthday celebration CapeKids is planning for the 45th Birthday Celebration of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to my boys, and now I'm honored to join the celebration and feature the new infant clothing line inspired by Eric Carle's art-Caterpillar & Friends by Jaxxwear.

What I would not give for a magical turning back of time, for just a precious moment to hold my sweet natured toddler in my arms again, snuggled up with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, his clean baby hair against my neck, and hear him whisper, "Read it again, Mommymomma, peez? One more time, read it again."

Teach Your Children Well

I love this image by CapeKids photographer Ariel Thomas.  Yes, he looks dashing in our pigment dyed luxury weight cotton sweatshirt, but can you feel the relaxed confidence radiating from this guy?  That tells me he likes himself, and someone very special taught him to feel that way.

Winter Wishes

This is the Christmas tree in the gift shop of the Historical Society of Santuit and Cotuit in Cotuit, Massachusetts.  It represents everything I love about Cape Cod...a deep and abiding connection to our roots, a reverence for all things simple and good, and friends with talent and hearts as big as the sea that surrounds us.  Whatever your faith and traditions this season, may your spirit be bright, your heart be light, and blessings fall like snowflakes upon you and all you hold dear.